About Farmer Bob

I am a 4th generation farmer.  My family and I live and farm on my great-grandfathers homestead in the quaint little town of Milan, MI.
My dad and I farmed nearly 4,000 acres of corn and soybeans at one time, but illness struck us which forced us to stop industrialized farming.
This illness, we believe (<< FDA regulations), was caused by pesticide exposure and high consumption of poor quality food (McDonalds’s).
I tell you about my sickness in order to tell you this; you can trust that anything you purchase from me is untainted and highest quality for your conscience and health.
My crew includes my wife Kirsten, our youngest son Jon. My parents, who live next to us, help regularly too.
We’re a family that lives together and works together, and we’re here to serve you.
I have written several short papers in which I compare “grocery store” chicken and my
Perfect Pastured Poultry located in the “White Papers.”
I have included Lilly our farm dog because she is important too. 
She keeps predators away from our chickens; like minks, weasels, coyotes … and she’s fun too.